Brand identity Stacja Fryzjer (Hairdresser's Station)
Branding and window stickers"/>

Brand identity Stacja Fryzjer (Hairdresser's Station)

Branding and window stickers

Project scale

Normally we start with a logo, next are business cards, marketing flyers, templates for social media... and then the fun begins! :) We can start playing with posters, banners or like in this case - stickers for the salon window. Below you can see more examples!


Purple is a great match for the beauty industry. In this case, I went for this colour because it looks different, gives the feeling of a premium brand, and indeed, I really associate it with cosmetics :) 


Something new, something good!

I am always happy to create new projects. Those were my first window stickers but even though Katarzyna was very pleased with the results and the result is pretty good too :). If you are not certainly sure about your project, just get in touch, we will chat and plan!

Do you have an idea?

I will find the time, attention, and passion for you. Get in touch and let's create something wonderful together!