Logo and brandbook LaRoni

Logo and brandbook LaRoni


The beginning

LaRoni is a footwear brand, and like most clothing or footwear brands, we decided together with the client that the logo would incorporate the letters associated with the brand name - L and R. Not only do we have the 'initials' of the brand here, who wouldn't associate L and R with putting shoes on correctly? 🙂 The signet also incorporates a hidden symbol of a tree/christmas tree alluding to eco aspects.


For LaRoni I designed a logo and brand book. The brand book includes elements such as the current logo usage, used fonts, not recommended modifications, and the sense of the logo. 

days of work

Brand book

A brand book does not necessarily have to be printed. I would even say that most of the cases are just digital versions, useful for filling a trademark application and make your logo unique and save.

Our pride

My eyes are always happy when I see real projects on real products. Especially when a logo is elegant and embossed on your favourite pair of shoes:) 

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