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Around the World - Card set

Illustrations for games

The beginning

Around the World was created as a special gift for travel and architecture lover. The reflected buildings from the most diverse corners of Europe and the world give the cards a unique atmosphere.

You can stare at them for hours!

Except black and red

The cards belong to one of four groups, so we have blue spades, green clubs, red hearts, and orange diamonds, and each card in the group is linked to each other by a common colour.


I present to you the widest 'architecture piece' in my portfolio. 17 buildings representing 17 different countries of the world, just the size of a pocket.

Look closer

W pokera nimi nie zagrasz, bo aż ciężko oderwać wzrok i pozostać pokerfaced. Ale rundka w remika, makao lub tysiąca to sama przyjemność!

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