Adrian Lopatyński Gymnastics Training
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Adrian Lopatyński - Gymnastics Training

Social media graphics

grafiki na social media adrian lopatynski

The beginning

I love sport challenges, so when I have an opportunity to combine design with a sport theme I am in mine moment! 

I was creating some graphic templates and designs for Adrian before. This time we were making slightly bigger collections for gymnastics workshops in various cities in Poland.


I prepared a few vertical and a few horizontal graphics. Some of them are for the event's background purposes on Facebook, other as a story on social media or a fanpage.

The whole collection was detailed with Adrian's favourite colour which is blue. Below you will also see other shades, more falling into celadon. Both options were considered 🙂  

grafiki na facebooka adrian

Graphics collection

It's always worth creating a small collection of graphics to keep your page consistent. In this way your brand becomes memorable. Ensure consistency on your profile :)  

Do you have an idea?

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