Neurocentrum Miwomed

Neurocentrum Miwomed


The beginning

In my portfolio, you'll find various projects for more and less bio-medical-related people - for facilities, medical specialists, physiotherapists, and others.

Thus when I got the next question about creating a website for a medical client, new banner, or identity, I do nothing else than grin and say "when do we start?" :). 


Neurocentrum Miwomed is a medical facility with a number of specialists in neurology, neurosurgery, physiotherapy, and more. On their website, you will find information about each specialist and the facility's extensive range of services. 

landing pages

Responsive as always

Responsive web design means that your website adapt to the device's screen like desktop, mobile or ipad. This is a crucial part of every project.

In this project we had enough time and patience to finish every detail :) 

Do you have an idea?

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